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Krauncha Giri Temple   Sandur

About Krauncha Giri Temple

Krauncha Giri is believed to be the first abode of Karthikeya in south India. It is located 10 km from Sandur in Bellary District of Karnataka.

Unique feature of the mountain is its elliptical shape with a diametric narrow pass. According to legend, this gap is made when Kartikeya pierced the mountain in the battle with the demon Tharaka, with his sphere weapon vel to kill the demons who were hidden inside mountain.  Krauncha Giri is also associated with legends of the sages Agastya and Parasuram.

Kalidasa in the work Megha Sandesa describes the gap in the mountain. This place is connected with legends of Sri Sailam jyotirlinga in Andhra Pradesh.

The name 'Krauncha Giri' is very familiar to many, but few know the location of this legendary mountain. For many, it's just a mythical one like Mount Meru.

Kumaraswami Temple is located on south-west corner and is connected to Sandur by road. The complex houses temples of Parvati and Kumaraswami and there is also a ganesh temple near by it.

According to one account, the Parvati temple (which was originally called Kumaraswamy temple) was built by the Badami Chalukyas (7th -8th century) and has the image of Parvati as the main deity. The temple currently called the Kumaraswamy temple was constructed during the rule of the Rashtrakutas (8th-10th century) Both monuments are now a protected monuments. It was discovered by the local rulers, the Ghorpades, in the thickly-wooded Swamimale hill in the 15th century.

Women were earlier strictly not allowed to enter the shrine. Murarirao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade lifted the ban on women in October 1996. After the ban was lifted, nearly 3,000 women have worshipped at the temple.

The Ghorpades, well loved and respected by the locals, had declared the temple open to Harijans as early as the 1930s. After learning of this on his visit to Sandur in 1934, Mahatma Gandhi said, "A small state in south India has opened the temple to the Harijans, the heavens have not fallen."

By Rail:You can reach Bellary/Toranagallu from Bangalore  by catching the train Hampi Express 6591 & 6592.

 By Road: Distance between Bangalore/Bengaluru and Sandur is approximately 280 KM.
It would better to reach Bellary by Government Buses/from Private travels, as very few direct buses are there from Bangalore to Sandur.

Another option is to approach and hire a vehicle form
travel agents in Bellary and reach to Sandur.

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  1. Ballari (Bellary)  Is 34 km from Sandur
  2. Hosapete (Hospet)  Is 39 km from Sandur.
  3. Hagaribommanahalli  Is 41 km from Sandur.
  4. Koppal  Is 61 km from Sandur.
  5. Chitradurga  Is 87 km from Sandur.
  6. Guntakal  Is 88km from Sandur.
  7. Anantapuram Is 110 km from Sandur. 
  8. Lingasagur  Is 130 km from Sandur.
  9. Kurnool  is 178 km from Sandur.
  10. Nandyal   is 209 km from Sandur.

Ekalinji Temple is considered to be the actual ruler of the region while the kings serve as the Prime Minister under him. This Holy temple was initially built in 728 AD but due the passage of time renovations were done by different rulers. Maharana Raimal too renovated this ancient temple in the late 15th and 16th century.


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