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Dattatreya Temple   Bhaktapur

About Dattatreya Temple

The Dattatreya Temple is believed to have been constructed out of a single piece of wood from a single tree during the reign of King Yaksha Malla in 1428. The temple has three tiers and is designed in Pagoda style.

There are two huge stone statues of Jaya Malla and Patta, two popular wrestlers of those times. Standing in front of the temple is a stone pillar topping with Garuda in kneeling position. The temple is wholly made up of exquisitely carved wood.

The dark brown colour of the wood has a strange whispering attitude and attunes one to those times of its glory of its construction. The very special feature of this temple is we do not see the statue of Dattatreya as we know with one body and three heads. Instead in the main sanctum sanctorum, we can see three idols of Brahma (left), Vishnu (centre) and Shiva (Linga form, right). There is a huge tree behind the idols.

 It is believed that  that on the third tier of the Pagoda is a statue of Anasuya Mata and the whole concept depicts the story of Anasuya Mata turning the trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva in to children when they, at the behest of their wives, went to test her power of Anasuya Mata's chastity. 


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"Yo kun mandir ho?"- Which temple is this?
"Dattatreya Mandir kasari janey?"- How can I go to the Dattatreya Temple?
"Esko mulya kati ho?"- How much does it cost?


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