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Yellamma Temple, Saundatti   Karnataka

About Yellamma Temple, Saundatti

Saundatti Yellamma Temple is one of the important places of attractions and pilgrimage center in Karnataka state. Saundatti Yellamma Temple is located in Belgaum district at a distance of 70 km from its district headquarters.

Saundatti is popular for the wonderful and ancient temple dedicated to Goddesss Renuka also called as Yellamma. The temple is situated on Yellammagudda, which is about distance of 5 Km from Saundatti.

Saundatti Yellamma Temple is built in the Chalukyan and Rashtrakuta Style of architecture and the Carvings indicate the Jain architecture.

Saundatti Yellamma Temple houses multiple shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Mallikarjun, Parshuram, Eknath, Siddeshwar in its premises.

According to the government gazetteer, the goddess worshiped in the temple is associated with Parasurama's (an incarnation of Vishnu) mother Renuka, the wife of the sage Jamadagni. She is revered as one of the Saptamatrika or seven divine mothers, who protected the earth and its rulers.

The goddess is also known as Yelumakkaltai, meaning "the mother of seven children" in Kannada language. She is a cult figure worshiped by the pastoral community of the Dhangar and Kurumbas of southern Maharashtra and North Karnataka.

There are three water tanks or ponds at the back side of the temple known as Kumkum Kundam, Yoni Kundam, and Arihan Kundam. These are considered holy and are places where people bathe and offer worship. There is also a sacred well called the Jogal bhavi; the water of this well is believed to cure skin diseases.

Another location adjacent to the temple known as Parasurama Kshetra is believed to be the site where Lord Parausrama sat in penance.

Within the temple precincts stand shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Mallikarjun, Parashuram, Eknath, and Siddeshwar.

By Air:Nearest Airport is from Belgaum.

By Rail: Nearest railway station is from Dharwad.

By Road: Saundatti is well connected with road network. Saundatti Yellamma Temple can be reached from all places.


1.Brindhavan Residency.

2.Harsha Lodge.

Savadatti Fort: The Savadatti fort was constructed in 18th century Sirasangi Desai with 8 bastions. The Savadatti fort houses a Kadasiddheshwara temple, surrounded by four bastions.

Yallamma Gudda: The Yallamma Gudda is main attractions of Saundatti because of famous Savadatti Yellamma temple situated atop of Yallamma Gudda, the temple dedicated to Goddess Yellamma. Daily hundreds of pilgrims visit this temple with great devotion.

Parashghad: The Parashghad is the popular fort situated between Saundatti and Yallamma Gudda. The history of Parashghad dates back to 10th century.

Renuka Sagara: The Renuka sagara is a reservoir for the Malaprabha River nearby to Saundatti, formed by the Navilatirtha Dam. The dam is named after the Renuka Yallamma Temple, Yallamma Gudda, Saundatti.

Puradeshwara temple: The Puradeshwara temple in the later Chalukya style is a trikutachala with three ardhamantapas, a common navaranga and two mukhamantapas.

Ankeshwara temple: The Ankeshwara temple in Desaigalli was constructed by Rattas in the year 1048. The Ankeshwara Temple is in the Western Chalukya style and is below the ground level.


Festivals are held at the venue of the temple twice a year during October to April. A very large number of pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Maharashtra visit the temple during these festivals.

Fairs at Saundatti Yellamma Temple:
Even though the fair at Saundatti Yellamma Temple is held on many occasions between October and February, devotees from Karnataka and its neighboring states arrive to the Saundatti Yellamma Temple with great devotion, especially during Yellamma Jatra, which takes place on the full moon day known as 'Bharat Hunnime'.


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