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Sri Marigudi Temple   Kaup

About Sri Marigudi Temple

Since ancient times Kaup is known as "Hoovina Hitthilu". Sri Mariyamma Devi, who is the owner of said place, has been blessing the devotees who come there.

Indian culture is co-ordination of Saindhava & Vedic cultu res, & Folk mentality is its breath. 'The worship takes place not because there is the presence; but presence may occur while worshiping' is a folk belief Based on this dedication our religious practices, rites, rituals have passed through centuries and now in this form before us. Though they have changed their forms they have preserved their originality. It is the opinion of inventors and Think - tanks that almost all of our worshiping mode, which passed through various stages, are now in the evolved form, have come out of folk sources. The object of this article is to make known clearly about the appearance of Mariyamma Kaup, Maari - Mariyarnma, Mariyamma Goddess of Udupi District of Coastal Karnataka.

It is common in various of Udupi, Dakshina Kannada Districts, where there are Tulu speaking people, Pancha Daivasthanas, lots of Daivas (Ghosts) have settled and get worshipped everyw here. It is worth noting that the idea of Maari & Anusandhana are in custom socially only.

The New Marigudi temple is nearby to Kapu bus stand beside the National Highway 66. It is at a distance of 13 Kms from Udupi and 50 Kms from Mangalore. There are many number of buses plying between these two cities at an frequency of every minute.
Nearest Railway Station
Udupi Railway Station at 17 Kms
Managalore Railway Station at 52 Kms
Nearest Airport
Managalore International Aiport, Bajpe at 41 Kms
Banagalore Intenational Airport at 410 Kms


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  1. Harake Maripooje
  2. Chandika Yaga
  3. Kalpoktha Pooja
  4. Sarva Seva
  5. Hoovina Pooje
  6. Tulabhara Kanike
  7. Sthapane Yantra
  8. Belli Yantra
  9. Poornahuthi Prasada
  10. Patte Seere Kanike
  11. Gaddige Pooje
  12. Kumkumaarchane
  13. Panchakajjaya

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