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Dwaraka Tirumala   Godavari (w)

About Dwaraka Tirumala

According to legend, a famous sage by name Dwaraka once, in the untraceable antiquity was advised by Lord Venkateswara while lost in Penance to install his image in a temple, lying hidden in an ant-hill, traceable from the position of an eagle sitting on a soap-nut tree.He did. So this place is called after him since then. When the Lord conferred boons on the ardent devotees, its importance went up. Moreover, it is in this area lived acharya Nagarajuna the Buddhist monk of eternal fame. Many Buddhist relics testify to his existence here, prior to his opening gurukula at Nagarjuna hill that drew students from all over the world. Further this temple claims its connections with Srimadramanuja, the redoubtable Vaishnava pravakta, responsible for the propagation of Vaishnava cult. Belief is attested by the main statue along with Padmavathi and Nanchari installed by him and the traditions introduced by him.


The queerness of this temple is that there are here two archamurthis one half hidden, and appearing from navel upwards and another in standing posture just behind it.The priests narrate that the feet of the half-hidden Venkateswara are on the head of Balichakravarthi, who when pushed down into Patala prayed that he wished to carry the Lord’s feet always on his head as a mark of his adoration. This was granted. So we see the icon from the waist upwards. The same idol was worshipped in the Tretayuga by the emperor Aja, father of Dasaratha and Sri Rama too. In the Dwaparayuga by Sri Krishna and other, another version says that the same feet are on the head of Dwarakamuni, according to his wish. The deity in standing posture was brought from Tirumala and was installed in the 11th century. It is from the date of construction of the magnificent 5-tired tower, prakara minishrines enshrining the images of Always etc., by Sri Dharma Apparao in 1782, its significance came into lime light. The temple now is equipped with all essentials as that of any divya kshetra boasting of best traditions festivals etc.


The Mallikarjuna temple on the head of the serpent shaped hill has equal importance and possesses many niches for parivara devatas. There are many thirthas around and stories connected with them give an elevating experience.

Finally the region is saturated with Vishnu Mahima and every object bears the marks of Vishnu Mahima and every object bears the marks of Vishnu, circle like Chakras on the stones. The boulders and even the gopi chandan are embodying Vishnuchakaras. It treasures up many more marvels meriting visitation. Have darsan and get bliss.


Dwaraka Tirumala is about 40 Kms from Eluru (Distrct Headquarters of West Godavari District) and is well connected by Road.

APSRTC runs frequent buses from Eluru, Vijaywada, Tadepalli Gudem, Bhimavaram, Narasapuram, Tanuku and Kovvur

The nearest airport is Gannavaram (Vijaywada) (95Km), Visakapatnam(275)
The nearest railway station is Bhimadole which is 17 Km which is in the main railway line between Vijayawada and Viskhapatnam. Only Passenger trains stop at this station.


The Devasthanam is having sufficient number of Choultries and Guest Houses for providing accommodation to the visiting pilgrims and V.I.P.s including A.C. Rooms. Guest Houses- 3, Donor Cottages (1 Non-AC + 4 ACs) Choultries- 6 (Rooms-96+Halls-6), Marriage Halls

A dormitory was started for the convenience of pilgrims with nominal charges of Rs. 10/- each. Locker facility and lavatories were also arranged. 4 more lavatories were also going to be constructed near the Dormitory for the sake of Tourists, who visiting in large groups


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Astottara Satanamarchana

 Kumkuma Puja


Snapana(Fri Day)

Silver Garudotsavam (Garuda Vahanotsavam)

Silver Seshavahanotsavam

Kovela Pallaki Utsavam
                                          YEARLY SEVA
Saswatha Kalyanam

Saswatha Sahasra Namarchana on Every Saturday

Saswatha Astottara Satanamarchana on Every Saturday

Saswatha Astotharam

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