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Ketakeshwar Dewal   Tezpur

About Ketakeshwar Dewal

Ketakeshwar Dewal is one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the northeast zone of India. The entire temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and enshrines one of the biggest Shiva lingams in the entire world. Over the years, the temple has emerged as the most important pilgrimage centre in the state of Assam. A local committee of Tezpur looks after the development and maintenance of the temple as well the area that forms a part of its surroundings.

The temple has two parts - the first part comprises of the area where the original Shiva lingam was supposed to have been enshrined, before it was shifted. The second part is the area where the lingam is currently located. The latter part is located a few kilometers away from the original base of the lingam. According to legends, the Shivalingam got uprooted during a severe earthquake that shook Tezpur and was deposited at its present place, on its own.

The temple is open for visitors and devotees all round the year and is usually crowded by pilgrims from all parts of Assam and also from outside the state. The original Dewal was in the middle of bamboo groves with a narrow lane for devotees to approach on foot. But recently, a complete shelter has been constructed around the site, in a bid to protect the holy area from the natural elements and also to enable the devotees to offer their prayers properly and in a more convenient manner.

By Air

The Tezpur Airport is less than 10kms away from the KetakeshwarDewal and it is connected by the national high way with a high frequency of buses and taxis.

By Rail

The Tezpur Railway station is almost 5 kms away fromKetekibari and the continuous availability of buses and taxis make the commuting very comfortable for tourists.

By Road

The Dewalaya lies on the Ketekibari Field link road and it is quite a distance away from Tezpur. But it is well connected and you can always hire a taxi or catch a bus to the nearby Varatak bus stop.

  • Tezpur is just a few kilometers away from this temple and decent accommodations are available there.
  • Hotel KRC Palace is one such hotel which is located about 31 kilometers from the KetakeshwarDewal.
  • There are other mid-sized hotels for overnight accommodation and food.

This is one of the most powerful temples in the north eastern part of India. The natural formation of the Shiva Lingam makes it very special in the hearts of the pilgrimage. The original temple was covered by bamboos and the devotees were made to approach by foot. But after seeing the overwhelming response by pilgrims all over India, a complete shelter was constructed around the place for the convenience of the devotees and to protect it from natural elements.

The temple can only be reached by a narrow lane and the temple itself is located in a very remote area. It is a peaceful shrine where the devotees can offer their prayers in peace without the hassle of too many rituals.