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Kapileshwar Temple   Rahika

About Kapileshwar Temple

9km away from Madhubani is a small village called Kapileshwar sthan, this village is known for having the Kapileshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva.

The temple is exceptionally crowded on Mondays specially during the month of shravan. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the temple hosts a huge fair in which the entire village plays the host celebrating the occasion with a lot of pomp and show.

Kapileshwara Temple is situated in Kakraul village of Madhubani District, Bihar, India. It has a mythological significance. This temple is mentioned in several religious works and finds its roots in the Treta Yuga of Ramayana, when Sage Kapil came here to pay homage to his father, Sage Kardam. When he reached here, he sensed that this place has the presence of a self-evolved Shiva lingam. Sage Kapil successfully detected this Shiva lingam, worshipped it and named it after his name- Kapileshwara Nath. Mithila Varnana chapter of Sankhya Shasthra, which was written by Sage Kapil, explains that he himself awakened this Shiva lingam.


Patna airport is the closest airport.


Darbanga Junction is the nearest railhead.


Madhubani is well connected to nearby cities via road.


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It is believed that all sins vanish after taking bath in the temple pond. It has a great significance for people who suffer different types of problems related to childbirth.

Mahashivarahtri sees a Shiva baraat (procession), while, Narak Nivarana Chaturdasi during the Krishna Paksha of Magha month of the Hindu calendar, sees people fasting to escape hell after death. In the Shravani Mela, devotees come and offer water of the Ganga to the deity.