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Mandodari Temple   Khandola

About Mandodari Temple

This is a temple for the "gramdevata" or the village deity of Betaki. It is not a temple for Ravana's wife Mandodari.

The word mandodari is from mand (water) with udar (stomach). It means someone who is born in the water. Thistemple was built to worship the great human beings whose children were sacrificed in the past to ensure that thisvillage had a flowing stream of water. This is how the village started worshiping this deity.

There is no well water in Betki village. The main source of water in this area is streams.

  • By Train: If you are willing to reach this place at a faster rate, wait no further and get along with Margao, as the best railway station available and it is 17km from Ponda. It is considered to be the nearest railway station over here.
  • By Flight: Now, the airport in Ponda is Dabolim airport. You can get down at this airport and try and look for the best ways to get acquainted with the temple, you are willing to visit now.
  • By Road: Ponda is well connected to the capital sate of Panaji in Goa with the help of The National Highway 4A. the Highway is well connected with various other parts of neighboring areas. State run buses and taxis are available here and within frequent time interval.


  • Sahakari Spice Farm: As defined from the name itself, this Sahakari Spice Farm is also defined as old spice, if you are looking for some best options. If you want to take the feel of an old spice place, this farm has everything, which can make your cuisines reach a completely new level.
  • Shri Mahalasa Temple: This temple is yet another surprising element after you have come across Mandodari. This temple needs to be in your second list, and comprises of a great historical significance. This temple belongs to Goddess Narayani and with a long history, backed up by Mythological characters to some extent.
  • Shri Naguesh Temple: For a marvelous outing with family or friends and dealing with lovely architectural beauty, Shri Naguesh Temple is another point to be added in your kitty. You have wonderful people and saints, ready to guide you through the entire procedure.
  • Mahalaxmi Temple: For a completely different notion of temple visit, Mahalaxmi Temple has some delightful results waiting for you. It is the finest mark of divine temple and offering people with great architectural dome shaped delight.
  • Sri Ramnath Temple: Ponda is famous for its marvelous temples, and Sri Ramnath Temple is one such example, which can be listed in your point list. Also defined as a place for family god, the history of this temple goes a long way. It provides the attendees with a slight tradition of old Goa.