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Santram Mandir   Nadiad

About Santram Mandir

Santram Mandir is situated in Nadiad city of Gujarat. The temple is consecrated to Santram Maharaj who is regarded as a divine personality across Gujarat. Originally, Santram Mandir was the residence of Santram Maharaj thus was also known as Santram Aashram. The temple is renowned for religious as well as social activities for underprivileged individuals. It also organizes various cultural programs. There is no historical scripture stating the early life and activities of Santram Maharaj. Whatever is known about him was conveyed from generations to generations. Devotees believe that Santram Maharaj is the manifestation of Guru Dattatreya. He wandered from Girnar Mountain to southern parts of Gujarat and from there to Nadiad city. He enlightened devotees with his knowledge and explanation of religion. The other temples of Guru Santram are located at Vadodara, Karamsad, Padra, Koyli, Umreth, Radhu, Kalser, Pachegaam, Chaklasi, Sojitra & Vara

Santram Maharaj was a Sage of the Avadhoot class. He came to Nadiad from Girnar,hence he was also known as Girnari Bava, Videhi Bava, or Sukha-Sagarji. He came to Nadiad in Samvat 1872, lived for the spiritual good of People. Throughout his lifespan, he performed various miracles for people. Soon, Santram Maharaj became popular and devotees started to worship him. He used to be surrounded by a large number of devotees. Hence, Santram Maharaj decided to leave the place due to the lack of privacy for meditation. However, Patel Bhai convinced him to stay and provide the devotees with a chance to serve Santram Maharaj. Hence, Santram Maharaj promised him that he will not leave the place without seeking his permission.

By Air: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport which is located at Ahmedabad is 49 km away from Santram Mandir .

By Train: Anand Junction is 17 km away from Santram Mandir. Another rail head is Nadiad Junction.

By Road: Buses and private vehicles are available from all the major cities of Gujrat to reach Nadiad.




The festivals of Diwali,Guru Purnima and Maha Purnima are celebrated with great devotion. The temple is illuminated with lights on Diwali. Annakut Utsav is also celebrated after Diwali which involves offering around 2550 food items to the deity. This food is later distributed among the devotees. Devotees keep fast on Thursdays, Purnima & Ekadashi for Santram Maharaj. Santram Mandir was established at the place where Santram Ashram used to stand. The earthen lamp was kept inside the temple, which is kept burning till today. The lamp is believed to provide guidance and blessing to the devotees. The lamp is known as Akhand Jyoti.