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Kadri Manjunatha Temple   Mangalore

About Kadri Manjunatha Temple

   The temple of Manjunatheshwara on the hills of Kadri is a very beautiful and popular temple in Mangalore. It is said to be built during the 10th or 11th century. It was converted to a complete stone structure during the 14th century.  The temple, square in shape, is built on the highest hill in Kadri. It is surrounded by several ponds fed from a natural spring at the back of the temple.

  The location of the temple is overwhelming with the presence of the deity of the temple, and the marvelous hillocks of the Kadri hills, which has many caves cut into the hills. The caves contain many pre-historic pieces of evidence too which adds to the impeccable holy spirit of the valley.  The overall location is extremely spiritual and calm. 

  The stone temple was built around the 14th-century. This square shaped temple is encircled by several ponds fed from a natural spring that flows out of a small tunnel and resembles a cow’s head ‘Gomukha Teertha’. Oldest of all the South Indian temples, the Kadri Manjunath Temple has a pyramidal structure; the temple sanctum sanctorum holds the deity of Manjunath, with an Udhbava Linga. The majestic Tri Lokeshwara idol is seated in Padmasana pose, with six arms and three faces. 

  As per Shiva's orders Parashurama threw his axe into the sea and created a place for his penance. Yielding to  Parashurama's prayers Lord Shiva appeared to him as Manjunatha along with Goddess Parvathi and stayed at Kadri for the betterment of the world. As per the orders of Manjunatha the sapthakoti manthras become the seven theerthas.

   In front of the temple, at an height there are a number of water ponds. There's a garden surrounding the ponds. When one walks down from there in front of the temple is a huge lightpole. During karthika maasa, deepothsava is held here. There are statues of Machendranath, Gorakanath,  Shringinath, Lokeshwara, Manjushri and Budha in the temple



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   The padmasanastha Lokeshwara statue is very beautiful. Behind the temple of Manjunatha, on to the west is the temple of Goddess Durga. To the Northern side is the temple of Lord Ganesha.  
Several festivals are celebrated with devotion and joy at Kadri throughout the year. During Kadiruthsava on the bhadrapada shuddha thadige, Ganesha chathurthi, Navarathri, Karthika Maasa and from Deepavali to Paththanaaje special poojas and religious ceremonies are held. Flag hoisting in Makara Sankranthi, nine days of annual fair and Rathothsava, Dhanurmaasa pooja, Shivarathri, Ugadi are meticulously and religiously celebrated. Every Monday Rudrabhisheka is held. In 1988 from April 17th to 23rd BrahmaKalashothsava was held in great pomp and grandeur after a long time. It's a practice to hoist the 40 feet Garuda to the 62 feet tall flagpole during the annual fair. The other places to visit around the temple are Udhbhava Linga, Akshaya pond, the 5 feet tall statue of Thrilokeshwara and Deepasthamba. 

  • Kadiruthsava, Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Makara Shankaranthi, Deepavali, Shivarathri and Ugadi are important festival days here
  • The Lokeshwara idol is considered to be one of the oldest bronze idols in India
  • There is a huge Deepasthamba at the entrance which is lighted on Deepothsava days
  • Lakshadeepotsava is a major function here
  • A nine day fair is held here every year
  • There are idols of Sastha, Durga Parameshwari, Vyasa Muni and Gomukha Ganapati here

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