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Kudala Sangama Temple   Kudalasangama

About Kudala Sangama Temple

  Kudalasangama in India is an important center of pilgrimage for Lingayats . It is located about 15 km (9 mi) from the Almatti Dam in Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. The Krishnaand Malaprabha River rivers merge here and flow east towards Srisaila (another pilgrim center) Andhra Pradesh.


  Kudalasangama is renowned for the ancient Shri Sangameshwara temple, which was built in the twelfth century by the Chalukya rulers. Originally this place was known as Kappadi Sangama.  Shri Sangameshwara temple is dedicated to Basaveshwara, a renowned teacher and poet,  born in the second century.


  KUDALA SANGAMA most historic place since  around 800 years.  The famous rivers Krishna and Ghataprabha merge here and flows towards Srisaila (another historic palce) of Andra Pradesh.  To improve this historic place, Government has established a Kudala Sangama Development Board and provided nearly Rs. 45.00 Crores to develop this places has one of the most sought piligrim centre


  It is believed that in the 12th century Jathaveda Muni Sarangamath had established an education centre here and Basaveshvara, Channabasavanna and Akkanagamma were students. Basaveshvara spent his childhood here and in later years after marriage, he is said to have become one with the God at this place. The vachanas composed by him are dedicated to the presiding god here, Sangamanatha.

By Air:
The Nearest airports to Badami are Hubli (around 106 km) and Belgaum(around 150 km).These airports have connectivity to Bangalore and Mumbai. From Hubli and Belgaum we can reach Badami by taxi OR by bus.


By Train:
The ‘Badami Railway Station’ is around 5 km from the Badami Bus stand. We can reach badami through rail connectivity from Bangalore,Hubli,Bijapur,Gadag,and Solapur and from other cities. The nearest major rail junction is hubli.The Hubli Jn has good rail connectivity with major cities across india.Also direct train is there from Bangalore (Yashawantapura Jn) to Badami.


By Road:
Badami is well connected by road. We can reach badami through road connectivity from Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Bangalore, Bagalkot, Hampi, Bijapur, and from many other cities.
Also there are a good number of Govt and Private buses from Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum and Bijapur.
Tonga’s- Horse-Cart is another mode of local transport easily available in the city and auto rickshaws’ as well.


Distance from Different Towns To Kudalasangama:

Badami to Kudalasangama is around : 67 km

Amingad to Kudalasangama is around : 33 km

Ilkal to Kudalasangama is around : 32 km

Alamatti to Kudalasangama is around : 19 km

Hungund to Kudalasangama is around : 21 km

Bagalkot to Kudalasangama is around : 56 km

Hubli to Kudalasangama is around : 170 km

Belgaum to Kudalasangama is around : 189  km

Bijapur to Kudalasangama is around : 90 km


Other Places Near Badami

Shivayoga Mandira

Itagi (Bhimambika temple)
Alamatti Dam
Yellamma Gudda
Parasgad Fort

The main attractions in and around Kudala Sangama are

  1. The Sangamanatha Temple in Chalukya style
  2. The Aikya Linga of Basaveshwara
  3. The Mahamane Campus of the Basava Dharma Peetha
  4. The Poojavana, a mini forest with neat paths amidst the trees.
  5. The Sabha Bhavana. Colossal, it is a spacious auditorium with a seating capacity for 6,000. The exquisite doorways on the four sides - named after Gangambike, Nilambike, Channabasavanna and Akka Nagamma - surround the huge grey dome in the centre.
  6. The Basava Gopura. Tall, it is slated to house the Basava International Centre. The 200 ft (61 m) high symmetrical tower is imposing.
  7. Museum. The Ashrama, meant for visitors to stay, also has a museum with a collection of sculptures related to Basavanna and the history of Karnataka state.


Things To Do In Kudalasangama

1. Stay at Kudalasangama

2.Bath in River

3.Main Temple (Sangamanath) darshanam.

4.Aikya Mantapa Darshanam.

5. Boating in the river.

6.  Traditional sweets and food items near the temple

7. Visit to Anubhava Mantapa, International Basava Centre and other places.

8. Prasadam at Dasoha Bhavana.

Prasadam (Anna Dasoha) at Kudalasangama

Prasadam is available at Dasoha Bhavana in Koodala sangama.  We need to get the coupons at Kudala sangama Information Centre for prasadam. Also we can donate Food items/ Money to the Dasoha Bhavan.

Lunch is served from 12 : 00 PM to 2:00 PM and Dinner is served from 8.00 PM to 9:00 PM

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