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Shri Mayakka Devi Temple   chinchali

About Shri Mayakka Devi Temple

  Karnataka is the land of culture. Cultural point of view Belgaum district has its own significant share. The village chinchali is 10 km away from Tq center Raibag. Raibag is 90 km away from Dt center Belgaum. The river Krishna flows near the village. Mayakka is the famous goddess of The village. The village is considered as CHINCHALI OF MAYAKKA

At First, Mayakka devi came from Konkan. She came here by following the monsters. In chinchali she slaughtered(destroyed) two monsters, those are keel and katta. Heroes (Veeraru) had been helped mayakka to destroy those monsters. Mayakka had gone (visited) at guddatayi kyarikoppa, yedimayavva, karagutti, gold plant(bangaaragida) which are present around chinchali village. After Destroying the monsters mayakka devi started to search one place for her. 
Once in
chinchali hiridevi’s temple is present in place of a big waste soil hump. Mayakka came to Hiridevi and asked her to provide a place(shelter) for her. With some conditions, hiridevi agreed to provide some place to mayakka devi. Those conditions are- First respect(value) is for me and then to you. First oblation(naivedya) is to me, then to you and first darshan is of mine & then yours. By putting all these conditions hiridevi agreed to provide the place for mayakka devi. That is why some elders said that origin(paternity, moola) goddess is hiridevi and she is only the village goddess.

 Chinchali mayakka Devi is a goddess who is worshiped by lakhs and lakhs of devotes. and there is a strong belief that goddess mayakka devi fulfills the wishes of all the worshippers and there are many proven proofs. unsolved mystries, and supernatural powers

Temple of Mayakka Devi is in the middle of the village. The area is the mound of mud. The Temple has the stone building. The temple has 50 feet gateway at the east. The gateway is attractive style. There are big stone elephants in front of the gateway. The devotees offer salt and flour in front of elephants. There is no other gateway in the around as temple has.

The statue of the Mayakka Devi is very attractive. It is 3 ft height and made of black stone. There are the crown and seven hood serpent on her head. She has golden ornaments on her body. She has sward and trident in right hand and snake in left hand. Mayakka Devi is always worshiped in red or green saree. The statue looks like kolluru Mukambika and Horanadu Annapoorneshwari.

There is a resting bed of mayakka devi at the left side in the statue santorum of the status in the temple. this is the resting bed of mayakkadevi. The Bed is decorated with flowers. Milk and Betel are kept in the bed. The resting bed is not found in any other temples.

Mayakka Devi Palanquin is the biggest of all goddess. This is decorated with special colors and special clothes. the palanquin is so heavy that it can be carried by 10-12 people. Palanquin attracts devotees on Sunday’s, full moon days and festivals and fair.


There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Kudchi. The nearest airport is Sambre Airport.


Kudchi-88 km away

Sambre Airport (IXG), Belgaum, Karnataka

Kudchi-139 km away

Hubli Airport (HBX), Hubli, Karnataka



Kudchi is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.

Railway Station(s): Kudachi (KUD), Chinchli (CNC



Instead of Kudchi, you can a get a bus to Athani on regular basis.


Kudchi-28 km away

Athani Athani, Karnataka




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Sangameshwara Temple, Pattadakal

 Ganapati Temple-sangli


Sunday is famous as Mayakkana Vaara. The devotees fast on Sundays. Most of the devotees visit the temple on Sundays. Full moon days (Bharatahunnime, karahunnime & Nulahunnime ) are important days of Mayakkadevi. Bharata hunnime is the main fair day of the year. Devotees bath in the milk brook before going to the temple.

Devi pooja is made in two times in a day. There is no allowed in the temple for common people at the time of pooja. Special pooja is offered on Sundays and full moon day.