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Jaladheeswara Swamy Temple   Ghantasala

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Jaladheeswara Swamy Temple, popularly known as SreeBalaparvatiSamethaJalasheeswaraAalayam is in a village named Ghantasala in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

It is one of the more ancient temples, believed to exist before 2nd century A.D. The fact that Siva and Parvathi are placed on a single "peetam" (panavattamu) makes the temple different from many other ancient temples like Srisailam and Srikalahastri.

According to Dr. D. Kannababu, assistant superintendent, Archaeology Survey of India, "Jaladheeswara Temple was the fourth ancient temple in Andhra Pradesh. From the evidenced existing today, this temple existed before 2nd century A.D. This siva Lingam has similar features with some of the ancient temples like Gudimallem (Chittor district near Sri Kalahastri), Amarvati,Draksharamam.


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