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As delineated in the Skanda Purana once Ruler Indradyumna remained close Nilakantheswar temple to make courses of action to perform Ashwamedha Yajna (Stallion give up) for one thousand years. On the guidance of Sage Narada, Lord Indradyumna made a Nrusimha picture out of dark stone and put the picture under dark shoe wood tree and venerated Him. It is trusted that before this temple the Ashwamedha Yajna occurred and thus He is known as 'Yajna Narasimha'. Enthusiasts will acquire more punya in the event that they make a darsana of Sri Nilakantheswar, Yagna Narasimha and Panchamuki Hanuman (Ruler Hanuman picture with five confronted) after the hallowed shower in Indradyumna Tank. Celebrations like Narasimha Janma, Satapuri Amavasya and so forth are seen in Nrusingha temple with incredible dedication. 

At the point when Kalapahad assaulted Puri and was crushing Divinities of different temples, he saw Shaanta Narasimha picture and his outrage died down; subsequently he couldn't break the God as he had arranged. Santa Clause Narasimha's highlights are human-like. He has a sharp human nose, a vast wavy mustache, and an outstretched tongue. Non-Hindus are not allowed in the temple, but rather the Divinities are noticeable from the entryway.

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