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Kudupu Sri Ananta Padmanabha Temple   Kudupu

About Kudupu Sri Ananta Padmanabha Temple

This temple is situated in Kudupu village,Shri Ananthapadmanabha Temple is situated on the Mangaluru-Moodabidri route in the Kudupu village, 10 km from Mangaluru, Karnataka. 
It is dedicated to Lord Anantha(Shiva) Padmanabha(
vishnu), another name by which Lord Vishnu is known. This temple is famous for serpent worship. Main deity Lord Anantha Padmanabha and the serpent deity face in the western direction. Naga Bana (place of serpent deity) is in the eastern portion of the temple. On the left side of the temple is the holy pond Bhadra Saraswati Tirtha. Jarandaya, Shree Devi, Mahaganapathi, Lord Subramanya, Jaya and Vijaya are the main sub deities.
Shashti is a famous annual religious festival that falls in December. Nagarapanchami, another festival is celebrated with great devotion, which attracts a large number of devotees from far and near.
Also Nagarapanchami, a worship of sacrificing the milk to Lord Naga is celebrated with great devotion.

Nearest Airport: Mangaluru

Nearest Railhead: Mangaluru

This temple is situated in Kudupu Grama (village) of Mangaluru Taluk. With 10 km distances from Mangaluru city, a frequent busses ply between Mangaluru and Karkala has a stop in Kudupu Temple. Newcomers can catch service bus from Mangalore City bus stop just behind State Bank fish market area.



Ashlesha Bali: Ashlesha Bali is one of the important Seva in the temple. Excepting days of Ekadashi and Annual Festival occasion in all other days this seva can be performed. This seva begins in the evening 5'o clock and end up in around 6.30 p.m. Since there will be a heavy rush for the seva on Ashlesha Nakshatra Day the seva will continue till 11.00 p.m. Only on that day a night meal will be offered to the devotees and participants. Giving individual attention to the participants of this seva is the specialty of this Kshetra.

Temple Timings:



1. Ashada Hunnime (full moon day in Ashada Masa)
2. Shravana Shuddha Nagara Panchami
3. Gokulashtami (
Birth day of Lord Krishna)
4. Gouri Tritiya Dina Navnana (
5. Vinayaka Chowthi
6. Soura Righupakarma
7. Anantha Chathurdhashi
8. Navarathri
9. Deepavali (Setting out of Bali)
10. Tulasi pooja till Karthika Masa Uttana Dwadhashi and Ksheerabdhi on Dwadhashi day.
11. Kartika Hunnime Deepotsava
12. Maha Shivarathri Deepotsava
13. Vishu Sankramana
14. Vrishabha Masa Hunnime (Setting in of Bali)
15. Annual Festival from Margashira Shuddha Padya to Margashira Shuddha Shashti.
16. Kiru Shashti on 6th day of Pushya Shuddha
17. Four-day festival from Dhanurmasa Shuddha Chathurdhashi.