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About Nili Chhatri

Nili Chatri Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located in the Yamuna market segment near Salimgarh fort, on Ring Road in Kashmere Gate, New Delhi. The temple is situated near the Shore of Yamuna River and on the edge of the road. There is ongoing traffic on the road which covered the temple from both sides. Either of the roads is used to enter the temple. Mahatma Gandhi road on one side can be transported in the dome on top of the temple whereas the other road better known as iron (Lohewala Bridge) road reaches to Gandhi Nagar from Old Delhi. The main entrance of the temple is on the road. The temple has no parking space for carsand if anyone visits the temple in their own vehicle they will have to park the car in the parking near Hanuman’s crematorium. This is approximately 200 meters.

Nili Chatri temple was founded by Yudhistir the senior most brothers among the Pandava brothers. It was believed that the Ashwameghyug was organized in this temple. There are no specific mentions about the history of the temple. However, this temple is called Pandavan age temple. Nili Chatri is a dome which is covered with blue color tiles. Therefore it is called Nili (blue) Chatri temple.

A feature of this temple is that under the dome of the temple Lord Shiva is worshipped and other god is worshipped above the temple. It is believed that every single person has his preference of Gods and Goddesses therefore Lord Keshavmal Bawali is known as Lord Nili Chatri. People have considered them as their totems and worships. It is also believed that if a person offered five ladoos and a cigarette his wish comes true.

The Archeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi by Carr Stephen (in 1876) Nili Chatri is a tomb. The temple had affinity to the Mughal period.

The best time to visit the temple is the time of the festival of Maha Shivaratri when it is decorated brilliantly and full of devotional activities. Devotees especially on Monday came to see (darshan) Lord Shiva since Monday is considered to be the day of Lord Shiva. The temple remains open whole year and welcome visitors of all castes and creed.




The temple is very significant in many manners. Since, it is situated along the banks of the river Yamuna, this is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva in true sense. This is due to the fact that Lord Shiva is also known as the God of sea. Further, Lord Brahma is believed to have received the knowledge of the Veda's by performing meditations in the Nigambodh Ghat. The spot in the temple has been marked and it is also worshipped by the devotees of the temple. The temple has been mentioned in the Purana's a few times which speak of the sanctity of this monument.

The main event which is held in the Nili Chhatri Mahadev Shiva Temple is the Rudra Abhishek done during the month of Savan. Savan month is observed as Lord Shiva's month and hence any ritual performed during this month is considered very pious. Rudraa bhishek is done almost 150 times during the 24 hour period. All the more Maha Shivratri is also held here with great grandeur. Throngs of devotees flock here during this period just to worship the God. Nili Chhatri Mahadev Shiva Temple is one of the unique temples in New Delhi, which is considered very holy and pious. The water from the river Yamuna is also considered very sacred. Situated in the Nigambodh Ghat, this lies very close to the metro station in Delhi and is easily accessible by roads and railways. The temple is located very close to bahardur shahi gate of the Salimghar fort, in Yamuna bazaar. The nearest railway station as well as airport is in Delhi itself. It is strategically situated near a very famous bridge known as the Purana Lohia pool which was built in the British period.