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The Shiva temple, Kera, also known as Lakheshwara temple of Kerakot, is located in Kera village near Bhuj of Kutch district in Gujarat.

The history of this Shiv temple dates back to the era most of the temple portion was destroyed during the 1819 earthquake. However, the inner sanctum is still intact, along with the half of the main spire. Adjacent to the temple stands the Fort of Kapilkot which is also in a rundown state. The Shiva temple, located at Kera, is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has been subjected to severe damages during the earthquake of 1819 and then during the earthquake of 2001. Still, the temple's spire, inner sanctum and the images are still can be seen in an adorable condition. It is said that the Shiva temple was built by Lakho Phulani.

 the temple collapsed during the 1819 Rann of Kutch earthquake. The shrine measures 8 feet 6 inches square inside, with walls 2 feet 7 inches thick, surrounded by a path 2 feet 6 inches wide, lighted by two open cut-stone windows. Of the hall, which was 18 feet 9 inches wide, only a part of the north wall with one window is left. The wall sculptures, though not numerous, are well executed, and on the faces of the spire is an elaborately cut ornament representing the outlines of a chaitya window, repeated over a triangular face, with human figurines in-between. Of these triangles of sculpture, there are eight on each side, gradually lessening as they rise higher one over the other. 

By road: For those traveling from Ahmedabad, the bus may be more convenient than the train, though slightly more expensive. Several private companies run sleeper buses (with a full horizontal bunk), leaving the city for Bhuj between 8 pm and 11 pm, arriving in Bhuj between 6 am and 8 am the next morning. These bus companies all have their offices around Paldi in Ahmedabad; Sahjanand Travels and Patel Travels are two recommended ones. There are also private sitting (non-sleeper) buses, and ST (State Transport) buses that make the trip for less money but considerably less comfortable seats. Once in Bhuj, ST buses go to larger destinations around the district, private jeeps can also be rented (a good option for larger parties), and some smaller places can only be reached by chakras.

By rail: Two daily express trains, the Bhuj Express and the Kutch Express, go from Bhuj to Ahmedabad (8hrs) and on to Mumbai (16hrs.) However, both trains pass through Ahmedabad in the middle of the night, as the schedules are designed to depart and arrive and reasonable hours from Bhuj and Mumbai, not Ahmedabad.

By air: One or more flights daily connect Bhuj to M




The festivals of Maha Shivratri, Makar Sankranti, Kartik Purnima, Dussehra, and Diwali are celebrated with great devotion in Shiva temple. An annual fair is organized in the temple premises which is attended by a large number of devotees.