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Bhuteshwar Temple   Jind

About Bhuteshwar Temple

   Bhuteshwar Temple is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva of this temple is called Bhootnath. This temple comes under the circular of the 48 kos of Kurukshetra. The temple is located in the Jind area of Haryana. Bhuteshwar Temple is one of the oldest temples of Lord Shiva. The temple was built by Raghubir Singh, ruler of Jind district. Which became known as the Bhuteshwar Temple. The ponds around the Bhuteshwar temple are made, which is why these ponds are also called 'Rani Talab'.

   There is a legend behind the ‘Rani Talab’ that Maharaja Ranbir Singh made this pond to take bath for his queen. The King also constructed a tunnel that connects the pond to the palace. The main reason for the construction of this tunnel was that nobody could see the queen after the bathing and enter the palace directly. This tunnel can still be seen today. The Queen used to take bath in this pond after crossing the 'tunnel' every night. This is why it is called as Queen Pond. It is present on Gohana Road, also known as the lifeline of this ancient city.

  According to the testimonials produced by reliable sources of history, about Lord Shiva, the construction of this particular temple was accomplished by the ruler of the district Raghbir Singh. The temple bears a testimony to the architectural excellence of ancient times. The construction design of the temple resembles that of The Golden Temple of Amritsar. Situated centrally in the heart of a pond or tab, the temple portrays an exquisite picture of a flower in a pond. Termed as the Rani Talab or the pool of the queen, this pond contains sacred water for the pilgrims and devotees to take a pious dip.



By Road :
Indira Gandhi universal landing strip is the closest airfield to region Jind, just 120 km separation from town. Subsequently, structure the hangar region guests or explorers can undoubtedly procure autos or taxis. In any case, there are HSRTC and private claimed transports run that likewise take guests or pioneers to and from area Jind.

Jind city route station is the closest railhead that interfaces the town to Patiala, Delhi, Chandigarh and some other real urban areas of Haryana and different states. Consequently, from the closest track station guests or travelers can contract taxis,
By Rail:
and transports to arrive at Bhuteshwar sanctuary.

Indira Gandhi global landing strip
By Air :
closest airdrome to arrive at the sanctuary.


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This temple is a famous Lord Shiva temple that attracts a considerable amount of devotees. Pilgrims and devotees of national and international stature make it a point to visit the temple once in a year. Moreover, during the time of Mahashivaratri, the special day of celebrating the glory of Lord Shiva, the temple premises witness a huge flock of pilgrims and devotees. According to the strong religious beliefs of pilgrims worldwide, Lord Shiva, the beholder of the Damru, is the all-powerful force behind the creation and destruction of the universe. Therefore, the Lord showers everyone with blessings on the special occasion of Mahashivaratri.

This temple Opening & Closing times is 6.00 AM and 8.00 PM. During this period major part of the Lord Shiva rituals are performed. Archana, Aarti and Abhisekham are the daily pujas performed.The best time to visit this beautiful temple is in the evening during evening Aarti.

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