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Kunthalgiri is the only sacred place of southern India from where two ascetic saints named Shri Kul Bhushan & Desh Bhushan achieved salvation and went to Moksha in the period of Lord Munisuvratnath (20th Teerthankar) & Ram – Lakshmana.

The above lines are from “Nirvana Kanda”, according to which “Kunthalgiri” is the holy land from where Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan attained salvation. It is the southernmost “Siddha-kshetra” (a holy land, from where one attains salvation) in India. The “Siddha-kshetra” are considered to be of the holiest places on earth according to Jain teachings, and a visitor prayer to such place has been considered more fruitful to the devotee.

The story of Deshbhushan-Kulbhushan is found in “Padma-Purana” composed by Acharya Ravishen, in the 39th chapter.

In ancient India, there was a bountiful and beautiful state of Magadha. The king of Magadha was known as Kshemakar, who used to rule his kingdom from the capital city of Siddharth. His wife’s name was Vimalavati and his sons were Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan. Both were extremely handsome, strong and happy children. They had grown old enough, to begin with, their education when an extremely learned scholar named Sagar Ghosh arrived at the capital Siddharth. Finding a capable teacher in Sagar Ghosh for his sons, king Kshemakar requested him to educate his sons. Sagar Ghosh accepted the request and took both princes along with him to his Gurukul. Then both the princes were around 8/10 years old.

Those standing in the balconies and rooftops of their houses were showering flowers on them. Children and ladies were trying to get a glimpse of them. The procession reached the palace, where the King, Queen, and ministers were waiting. They were being ushered in the palace when their eyes fell on someone in the terrace. There was standing an exceptionally beautiful girl of sixteen, watching them both intently. Seeing her, they both were instantly struck by her beauty and started craving for her.

Second main temple at Kunthalgiri is Lord Shantinath Temple with 2 feet 3-inch high idol of principal deity Lord Shantinath in Black color installed in V.S. 1932, with others idols, metallic idols of Goddess Padmavati & Sarasvati are also here.
In this temple, a room is in left of gate exists, in this room. Acharya Shantisagarji stayed in their last days and opted Samadhimaran to end the physical existence in the state of self-realization & self-purification reducing the affection ness, anger and spiritual ignorance etc. the ailments of the soul. Thus this room also became a sacred place for pilgrims. 
Other than these, Bahubali Temple, Adinath Temple, Ajitnath Temple, Chaitya & Nandishwer Jinalaya (Temple) are also a must to be viewed. A column of dignity (Manstambha) is also standing here 53 feet in height completed in V.S. 2001, having 4 idols of Lord Munisuvratnath installed on the top. This looks very attractive. 

Railway Station:- Kurduwadi: 75km, Solapur:120km. 

Bus Stand:- Kunthalgiri: 02km, Bhoom: 12km.


Straight Root:- Solapur: 120km, Aurangabad: 200km.


Yedashi 50 km
Varshi Town 57 km

Annual gathering & Rathayatra a five-day function organized on Margsheersh Shukla 11 to 15 every year.
Death Anniversary of Acharya Shantisagarji is celebrated on Bhadrapada Shukla.


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