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Datta Mandir, Narsoba Wadi   Narsoba Wadi

About Datta Mandir, Narsoba Wadi

Nrusinhawadi is famous pilgrimage place in Kolhapur district. Nrusinhawadi is a capital of Datta devotees. This religious place is situated on the sacred confluence of Krishna and Panchganga rivers at distance of 45Km from Kolhapur. Swayambhu Paduka of Dattaguru is worshipped daily. The real third incarnation of Shri Dattaguru, Shri Nrusinha saraswati stayed in this area full of Oudumber trees for 12 years and he flourished this region. In Gurucharitra, this religions importance is described in the name of Amarapur. Shri Nrusinh saraswati while travelling after completing Chaturmas at Oudumber, reached this place. There were many Audumber tree forests. Due to earnest request of Datta devotees swami stayed there.Nrusinh Sraswati's stay was for about 12 years at this place and therefore the place got the name as Narsobawadi. Swami established Datta Paduka (sacred footwear). The place has natural beauty and refreshing scenery due to confluence of Krishna and Panchaganga and thick forests of Audumber trees. Swamiji's stay added sacredness and the attraction of people. The Nrusinhawadi area is spread for about one square mile in the centre of two rivers Krishna and Panchaganga. The population of town is about 4000. On the Ghat of Krishna River and below large Audumber trees there is a beautiful and attractive temple. The Paduka established by Swami are there in that temple. Present temple was constructed by muslim king Adilshah of Vijapur. The daughter of this Vijapur king had lost her eyes. As asked Bidar Badashah , he came to Nrusinhawadi. He worshipped Shri Guru, decided Navas. The sacred ash given by worshipper when applied to eyes of daughter she regained sight. King became glad.Records indicate that he gave two villages Ourwad and Gourwad on the other side of Krishna river Inam , ownership for enabling worship activities of the temple As today's temple was constructed by Muslim King it does not have a spire. It is an elongated high building and in front there is large Ghat of Krishna-river and the river is flowing slowly. There is Audumber tree at the center below which Shri Guru used to sit, and the Paduka are established there facing Krishna river there is a open space in front. The worshippers sit there & adore & worship the Paduka in a sancturay (Gabhara). The door of the Gabhara is very small. The devotee hall in which Paduka are placed has silver metal lining on face portion. At center there is Ganeshpatti on top & sides Peacock, Jay-Vijay images & on upper side Nrusinh Saraswati's image is carved with silver metal-cover. Main worshippers sit here & do worship rituals. On one side there is a big statue of Shri. Ganesh & it is also worshiped. There is a large size circular Mandap (pandal) with large & tall columns.


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