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Om Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Vari Devasthanam    Arasavalli

About Om Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Vari Devasthanam

Sri Suryanarayana Swamy temple (Sun God, one of the famous temples of Sun God in AP) is situated in Arasavalli (a small village earlier) just 1km from the center of the town of Srikakulam city of Andhra Pradesh. The history says that, the place has importance due to the Sun God which is believed to be built by Devendra Varma, ruler of Kalinga Kingdom during 7th century. But the idol of Sun God is believed to be installed by the sage Kasyapa. As per the stone inscriptions available in the temple premises, many donations were made for the installation of the temple and other needs surrounding it. The beauty of this temple is its construction which is done in such a way that, rays of Sun fall on the feet of the statue (at Garbha gudi) during March and September in early hours (Sun rise time) and stay for some time. It is believed that during 11th century, many desciples of Shiva and Vishnu both visited this temple without any differences between Vaishnava and Shaiva. Sun, being the source of all living being on Earth, it is believed that people who visit this place get good health on performing Surya Namasakara here. One should not sit and offer puja in front of the statue and also should not close his eyes while offering the same. Read the board just before entering the Garbha gudi for the kind of offerings one can make in front of Sun God without missing. Sunday is considered as the most auspicious day for worshipping Sun God by visiting this temple. 
The temple is extended and re constructed during late 19s (1999) by a devotee belonging to Srikakulam district. His name is Sri Varudu Babji aro. The idols inside the Vimana Gopuram are carved from a single black stone. The Sun God, Dwarapalakas, saints, Chariot, Horses and the Saradhi are the main figures one can see which are included in the single stone inside the main temple.

Srikakulam is one of the major city in Andhra Pradesh. Very well connected rail and bus transportation available from all other parts of India. After getting down at Srikakulam city, take the help of local people to reach Sri Suryanarayana swamy temple at Arasavalli. People travelling by private vehicles, have to park their vehicles a little far away from the temple premises. The walk way to the temple is a little conjusted. Sri Satya Sai Dhyana mandir (meditation centre) is located just opposite to the temple. Bookings are to be done in the temple for TTD rest room. Special entry into the temple is available with additional amount of INR 25. Foot wears are to be kept outside the temple, allotted place exists at the entry. 
Nearest Railway station is Srikakulam railway station which is in main Chennai and Howrah line. Super fast trains does not stop here. Visakhapatnam is two hours from Srikakulam towards south. 

Nearest airport is Visakhapatnam. 

By Road from Visakhapatnam Arasavalli is located at a distance of 100 KM. National Hi-way No 5 connects both these places. Travel time from Vizag is 2 hours. The four lane NH 5 passes through Vizayanagaram and many other small towns. Towards north NH 5 takes you towards Bhubanewar and ends at Kolkata. 
Vehicle rates from Visakahapatnam is on kilometer basis. 8 seater (Qualis, Travera, Sumo) AC costs INR 11 per Km, NON AC INR 9. Innova AC costs INR 14 per Km and INR 13 for NON AC.

Accommodation can be availed in Srikakulam or at the Andhra Pradesh Tourism and Development Corporation (APTDC)’s Haritha resorts in Visakhapatnam.

Travellers visiting Arasavalli can also plan one day trip to visit two more important temples, Sri Kurmam (13 Kms from Srikakulam) and Sri Mukhalingam (60 Kms from Srikakulam). People can use public transport to reach Srikakulam and can hire a vehicle depending upon the number of people travelling to visit these two temples from Srikakulam itself. Good hotels are available in Srikakulam for all kind of budget travellers. Very good South Indian and North Indian food available here.

The temple is constructed in such a way that sun’s ray fall directly on the feet of the Lord for few minutes during the early hours of the day, twice a year in the months of February and June. Sun’s rays would fall on the feet of the Lord through the five entrance doors. These rays are believed to cure several eye ailments.temple is built in Panchayatana style, wherein the main shrine is surrounded by four subsidiary shrines. The idol of the Lord Surya is at the center with Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu idols in four directions across the four corners of the quadrangle.
The 5 ft tall idol of the Surya exquisitely carved in black granite bears lotus buds in his hand (hence referred to as Padma Paani), flanked by his consorts Usha, Padmini and Chhaaya riding on the seven horses driven by Charioteer Aruna.  At the base of the idol are the gate keepers Pingala and Danda and high up are the two divine saints Sanaka and Sanandana holding Chatrams (umbrellas).
A huge pillar was constructed by Jakkamasetty Venkanna in the temple premises in 1929 whose base is filled with jewels as an offering.
It is believed that devotees visiting the temple are bestowed with good health after performing the Surya Namaskaras in the premises.
It is regarded that the ill effects of the Ravi Dasa or Antar Dasa are nullified by offering prayers to Sun God.

Various Sevas performed inside the temple include Astottara Satanamarchana, Sahasranama Archana, KSheeranna Bhogam, Ksheerabhishekam, Tiruveedhi seva, Swamy vari kalyana seva and Suryanamaskarams