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Sri Sunama Jakini Maatha   Gooty

About Sri Sunama Jakini Maatha

According to the legends, Sri Sunama Jakini matha was born into Are katika community in Pinnepalli village in Anantapur district. She got married to Hanumanthakari Thanji Rao from Yadiki village at a very young age. She used to observe fasting very often and one day during her fasting she went unconscious. Her husband thought that she is dead and ordered to bury her. Her husband refused to pass on the message of her death to her family.

le preparing for burial, people found out that she is alive. However, Hanumanthakari Thanji Rao ordered to bury her under alcohol effect. In that sense Sunama matha has taken jeeva samadhi. When the family of Sunama matha came to know about the incident after few days, they came to the village and argued with Hanumanthakari Thanji. Later, the family visited her burial place and found white fresh flowers at the burial. At that time, they heard an anonymous voice from the sky and asked them to give away Sunama matha's sister Jakinima in marriage to Hanumanthakari Thanji. Upon refusing this, the family member tongues became dogs tongue. Soon they realized their mistake and agreed to get marry Jakinima to Hanumanthakari. From that time Sunama matha is being worshipped as goddess re-incarnation by Are katika community.

Instead of Gooty you can a get flight to Hindustan Airport on regular basis.
Gooty 237 km away Hindustan airport (BLR), Bangalore, karnataka
Gooty 272 km away Rajiv Gandhi international airport (HYD), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 
There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Gooty.
Railway Station(s): Gooty junction (GY)    
Gooty is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.
Bus Station(s): Gooty


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Gooty is a town in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The town is renowned for the Gooty hill fort. The Gooty Fort, also known as Ravadurg, is a ruined fort located on a hill in the Gooty town. The word Gooty is derived from the town's original name, Gowthampuri. Gooty fort was a stronghold of the Marathas, but was taken from them by Hyder Ali. It is one of the centrally protected monumemts of national importance. There are a few notable people from the town with their contributions to various fields such as politics, film industry and other areas.Millets such as, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi are the food grains which are mostly used in food items.