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Khudneshwar Asthan   Samastipur

About Khudneshwar Asthan

Khudneshwar Asthan derives its name from a muslim woman named Khudni who found the Lingam at that location. It is located near Morwa (17 Kms from) Samastipur district. She later became a devotee of lord Shiva, after she died she was buried one yard south beside the Lingam under the same temple roof.


In 1858 Narhan estate built this temple during the British Empire and appointed a priest as caretaker and is presently being rennovated by the local society members. The temple's art and architecture is a symbol of the Hindu Muslim unity in the region. Mahashivratri attracts the most crowds in the temple.


The Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport is the nearest Airport. Other nearby Airports include the Patna Airport which is 91 kilometers from Samastipur.


Samastipur railway station connects the town to major cities in India.


Bus services are also available to reach other places in Bihar such as Malinagar.



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14 centuries ago the temple premises was covered with dense forest which was also a grazing land. Khudni often took her cow to graze there. The cow stopped giving milk one day and the routine continued for over a period of days until one day the cow left the sight of Khudni. When she found the cow it was shedding milk. When Khudni narrated the incident to the village folks they dug up the ground and found a lingam. After Khudni died, her remains were buried beside the Lingam and the people built a temple which they named "Khudneshwar Asthan". The temple got its name from the Muslim who found it.