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EME Temple   Vadodara

About EME Temple

Built and run by the Indian Army authorities, this temple is made out of aluminium and other alloys. It is a place of absolute harmony where Dakshinamurthi, a form of Lord Shiva finds his devotees. One may say it is quite a modern-looking temple. The idol of the main deity is said to be facing south and imparting knowledge in that direction. A lush green garden surrounds the temple, making it a truly peaceful and holistic experience. 

It is a popular opinion among archaeologists that this temple is unique regarding its design, concept and geodesic design covered with war scraps and aluminium sheets. The unique aspect is how the temple supports secularism by incorporating holy symbols from every religion in its structure. The Kalash on the top symbolises Hinduism. The Dome signifies Islam. The Tower represents Christianity. The Golden-structure above the tower expresses Buddhism. The Entrance stands for Jainism.

Sculptures from 7th to 15th centuries can be seen inside the temple. The presence of army officials in the campus makes it a well-maintained and disciplined area. Needless to say, it should form a crucial part of your itinerary if you are in Vadodara and want a place to unwind or feel spiritually uplifted at!

Located in Fatehgunj on EME Road and accessible by taxis or auto-rickshaws from any part of the city.



EME Temple, often referred as the Dakshinamurti Temple, was built by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps. Featuring an unusually modern geodesic architecture, this temple is dedicated to Dakshinamurti, a form of Shiva as supreme teacher. It is run by Indian Army Authorities, and incorporates holy symbols of all religions in one place as they do not have separate places of worship for different faiths.Depicting army architecture, the aluminium building of this temple is ringed by a garden featuring a rich collection of 106 ancient statues from the 6th to the 16th centuries.

This is uncommonly modern-looking temple, however, built with holy symbols from various religions.  The five main religions in India are represented by different symbols in the structure and design of EME Temple.