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Pachaimalai Subramanya Swamy Temple   Â Modachur

About Pachaimalai Subramanya Swamy Temple

In Tamil sentence structure, arrive mass in this world is separated into five sorts of eco-frameworks. Mountain, slope and related territory is called 'Kurinji'. The ruler of Kurinji is Murugan and he has made the slopes as his home. Greater part of all slope temples found in Tamil Nadu and somewhere else are committed to Ruler Subramanyar.

Sometime in the distant past, Holy person Dhurvasar achieved Kunnathur that untruths 18 km south of present Gobi town. When he worshiped at the Shiva temple at Kunnathur, he discovered that a place called Modachur on the edges of present Gobi town is a decent place to play out his normal love of Shiva. While venerating Shiva, he needed to have Darshan of Master Subramanya. Not finding a temple nearby other people, he went into retribution to discover the best place to have Darshan of Ruler Muruga. He found through his repentance that there is a Subramanya temple on a little slope at a separation of around 1.5 km from Modachur and the principle divinity confronted west. The holy person achieved the hillock to discover Ruler Subramanya and was thrilled and hypnotized by his excellence. He at that point chose to proceed with his retribution from that point. He likewise learnt the similitudes between the temple and Palani where the Ruler is confronting west as Dhandapani.


Pachaimalai is located 3Kms from Gobi town centre.


There are two ways to reach Pachaimalai from Gobi town: one from Modachur (Gobi - Kunnathur Road) and another from Karattur (Erode - Sathy Main Road). As there are no buses, one can hire an auto/taxi to reach Pachaimalai.


Madurai is the nearest Domestic Air terminal, Trichy caters to both Domestic and International Traffic.


Madurai,Erode,Salem are the nearest rail heads.


Once upon a time, Saint Dhurvasar reached Kunnathur that lies 18 KMs south of present Gobi town. He worshipped at Shiva temple at Kunnathur.Then he found out that a place called Modachur on the outskirts of present Gobi town is a good place to perform his routine worship of Shiva. While workshipping, he wanted to have Darshan of Lord Subramanya. Not finding a temple, he went into penance to find out the best place for the worship.

He found through his penance that there is a Subramanya temple on a small hill at a distance of around 1.5 kms from Modachur and the main deity faced west. The saint reached the hill to find Lord Subramanya and continued his worship. He also learnt the similarities between the temple and Palani where the Lord is facing west as Dhandapani.

All these events were forgotten as time proceeded. Around 1954, a landlord named P.K.Kuppuswamy Gounder visited the temple. The life turned around for him that moment as he decided to renovate the temple. This was after he felt that the Lord is not taken care by anybody. He understood the need for regular poojai and the care that the temple craves

. Starting then, the renovation moved into a fast pace. First Swarnabandhana MahaKumbabishekam was performed in 1980 led by Thiru.P.K.Eswaran as renovation committee head. Since then, scores of people have joined the renovation committee and lot of work has happened in the temple  

The latest and second Swarnabandhana Kumbabishekam was performed around June 2006. It is uncommon to find Swarnabandhanam being done for the deities. You can really count the number of temples where Swarnabandhanam (Gold plating the base of statue where it stands) has been performed for deities in Tamilnadu and elsewhere.

It should be noted that a large wooden chariot runs around Pachaimalai for every Panguni Uthiram during the Chariot (Ther) Festival. It is the largest wooden chariot in this area after Avinashi Ther. A golden chariot is available for Murugan to play around his abode. The beauty of Dhandapani in golden chariot should be seen and as it is unexplainable. Arulmigu Dhandapani goes to golden chariot in his mount 'golden peacock' with complete golden attire. This cannot be seen even in Palani and Thiruchendur. Now, there is seven period regular poojai performed with two period of Abishekam daily. The night time ArdhaJaama Poojai is performed in comparison with Palani.  

Temple Timing

On all days: 6 AM to 1 PM And 4 PM to 8 PM

Daily 7 timely Poojai schedules

Late Evening 7 PM poojai is considered special and a must attend

Special Days

Every Tuesday, New Moon day, Sankatahara Chathurthi (Waning Period), Pradhosham, Full Moon day Girivalam, Waning Period Bhairavar Poojai, Shashti and Kiruthigai are celebrated.

Based on reservation, Golden Chariot runs around 7 PM

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