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Thiruthani Murugan Temple   Tiruthani

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Thiruthani Murugan temple is a Hindu temple , on the slope of Thiruttani, Tamil Nadu, India, committed to Master Muruga. The slope has 365 stages showing 365 days of the year. It is one of the Arupadaiveedu, the six sacred dwelling places Ruler Muruga. The other five are Palani Murugan Temple , Swamimalai Murugan Temple, Tirupparangunram Murugan Temple , Pazhamudircholai and Thiruchendur Murugan Temple . Thiruthani is 87 kilometers (54 mi) from Chennai.

The starting points of this temple, as most Hindu temples, are covered in classical times. This temple has been said in the Sangam period work Tirumurugaatruppadai formed by Nakkeerar. It has been belittled by the Vijayanagar rulers and neighborhood chieftains and zamindars. The first creature mount of Murugan is accepted to have been an elephant, contrasted with the peacock which is thought to be the most widely recognized mount. The white elephant, is viewed as a capable, fear striking creature. The iconography is kept up just in two spots, to be specific, this temple and Tiruttani Murugan Temple.


Nearest Airport is Chennai.


Nearest Railway Stations are Arakonam, Tiruvallur.


Tiruthani is 97 km from Chennai, 42 km from Tiruvallur and 42 km from Kancheepuram.


At the point when the old (Gregorian) year is rung out and the New Year sets in (ie at the stroke of midnight on December 31st every year), lakhs of enthusiasts are available on the holy Tanikai slope to have the darshan of their God. They come to Tiruttani to offer their heart-felt supplications to God to our God on that day and night to be honored with peace and bounty amid the New Year. This celebration came into vogue amid the British Raj when the popular Vallimalai Swamigal induced his adherents to offer their respect first to God Tanigesan, the supplier of all great, and at exactly that point to their official supervisors. On this day, various bhajana gatherings assemble and climb the slope, singing the resonant Tiruppugazh melodies and smoldering camphor on each of the slope's 365 stages, one for every day of the New Year.

The whole air is loaded with the music of these reverential melodies, which is a dining experience to the eyes and ears. Seeing the Vel Kavadi taken to the sanctum by a few enthusiasts on this day with the vel, sharp ends pricked and penetrated everywhere throughout the body over the hip (notwithstanding which they convey it effortlessly and elegance) motivates and raises our considerations to revere our God for His relentless, heavenly and wonderful forces.

Other than the month of  Krittikais which pull in an extensive number of enthusiasts to this altar, the two remarkable yearly celebrations are the Aadi Krittikai and the 31st of December New Year Step Festival. The buoy celebration is praised in the month of Aadi, Bhramotsavam in the month of Maasi, amid which Valli Kalyanam is commended on the eighth day, and the Skanda Sashti is praised in the Tamil month of Aippasi




Vishvaruba Dharsanam

06.00 A.M

Kala Sandhi Pooja

08.00 P.M

Uchala kala Pooja

12.00 P.M

Sayaratchai Pooja

05.00 P.M

Ardhajama Pooja

08.00 P.M

Palliarai Pooja

08.45 P.M

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